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South America

  • Brazil
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    GLOVIS Brazil Logistica Ltda.
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    Av. Independencia, 350, Sala 111, Ed. Primus Center CEP 13400-560 - Centro Piracicaba - Sao Paulo - Brazil
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Business Overview

01. C/C(Consolidation Center) Operation

Based on vehicles production plan

Collecting the auto- parts for the car assemble, securing the optimum stock level and supplying the parts JIT(Just In Time)

Service Features and Benefits

Enhances production efficiency through real-time sequence input

Real-time monitoring service for the auto-parts supplying as to prevent product shortage

02. Tire/Wheel Assembly

As per HMB production schedule, with the tires and the wheels duly stored on the HMB deposit, the assembly work is able to take place:

  • - Supplying tire sequence on conveyor belt according to production schedule
  • - Supplying wheel sequence on conveyor belt according to production schedule

After the assembly is completed, then moved to HMB production line with automatic conveyor belt

03. VPC(Vehicle Processing Center)

Vehicle final inspections & anti-corrosion (underbody coating)

Quality assurance and JIT(Just In Time) transportation management for the vehicles

Service Features and Benefits

Minimizes the complaints by the quality control

Enhances sales competitiveness through coordinating transportation arrangement & managing JIT(Just In Time) loading

04. Vehicle Transportation

Transportation of import or local produced vehicles to dealers

Transportation of vehicles to port for export with own global network

Service Features and Benefits

Competitive transportation charges, establishment of vehicle transportation system and cargo tracking service, etc.

05. Forwarding

Local customs and transportation services for Brazil’s imports and exports.

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Service Features and Benefits

Offers competitive freight rate and service (ocean , air, inland) with own the global network

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