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Used Car Business Overview

We lead the advancement of used car distribution market through the operation of the largest used car auction house in Korea.

Purchasing used cars

Major services

  • Operate 'Auto Bell', a specialized brand for used car distribution
  • One-stop service for selling automobiles with free specialist consulting, diagnosis, and pick up

Used car auction

Major services

  • Operate three used car auction centers(in Bundang, Sihwa, Yangsan)
  • Supports the sale of used vehicles through transparent and reasonable bidding involving 1,880 used car dealers
  • Transparent product information, 1:1 service through professional staff

Auto Auctions strengths

  • Hyundai Glovis Auto Auction is a used car auction brand worthy of trust and transparency. With the participation of more than 1,880 member companies, Hyundai Glovis Auto Auction will bid for the best price through open competition, and the auction house will be responsible for post-management such as transfer of name.

Price competitiveness

It can be sold at high prices through open competitive
bidding of more than 1,880 member companies.


Hyundai Glovis Auto Auction of Hyundai Motors Group
manages the entire distribution process, guaranteeing secure transactions.


The process and results are published online in real time, transparent and fair.


It is convenient as one-stop service from car evaluation to
sales and nominal transfer.

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