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Parts Logistics Overview

We provide one-stop parts logistics services required in vehicle production at domestic and abroad,
including transportation of parts for final assembly lines, transportation of after-sales parts, and container rental service.

Transportation of Parts for Production

Main Services

  • Delivery of parts from suppliers to final assembly lines.
  • Frequent low-volume transportation service for JIT (Just In Time) production of automotive factories

Transportation of After-sales Parts

Main Services

  • Transportation of parts to auto repair shops and dealerships across the nation.
  • A transportation system that enables us to deliver parts within 24 hours upon urgent customer request through our bases located in seven regions across the nation.

Consolidation Centers (C/C)

Main Services

  • Supply of automotive parts for final assembly lines, inventory management, JIT (Just In Time), JIS (Just In Sequence), and supply of subassemblies.

Container Rental Service

Main Services

  • Container rental services at domestic and abroad, covering the supply, collection and maintenance of containers.

Parts Logistics Flow

'BOX Pool System' start

Secondary parts supplier - Domestic parts supplier

Procurement transportation

Primary parts supplier - Domestic parts supplier

Procurement transportation

Vehicle factory

'BOX Pool System' end

Vehicle delivery center / Vehicle habor


After-sales parts dealership and logistics center

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