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Bulk Logistics Overview

While playing a part in overseas industry logistics based on heavy and over-sized cargo from the steel,
equipment and construction parts of Hyundai Motor Group, we provide tailored 3PL services to our customers.

Steel Logistics

Domestic Logistics

  • With our integrated logistics service through trucking, coastal shipping and the operation of steel logistics centers, we provide a customer-oriented logistics service covering from raw materials procurement to production logistics and sales logistics, reducing customers’ logistics costs and transportation time.

International Logistics

  • We’ve established a global supply chain by providing international export/import forwarding service for steel products from and to various countries around the world as well as import logistics of steel scrap and raw materials, pursuing optimization of the customers’ value chain.

Equipment Logistics

Main Services

  • We provide a differentiated logistics service for industrial machinaries, plant equipments and large and heavy cargo with our domestic and global networks and our own vessels (Car carriers, bulk carriers).
Construction logistics, Plant equipment, Construction of temporary camps, Raw material transportation

Project Logistics: EPC Projects

Main Services

  • Safe and timely transportation of various equipment and materials, including heavyweight items, required for domestic and overseas EPC projects to ensure successful construction of large plants.
  • Provision of services required to build site infrastructure through supply of raw materials and construction of temporary camps for domestic and overseas construction sites.
  • Key activities: 1) Construction logistics 2) Raw material procurement 3) Construction of temporary camps

*What is EPC?

  • EPC stands for Engineering, Procurement and Construction. An EPC contractor of a large construction project delivers a one-stop service of design, parts and materials procurement, and handles construction of the facility.

Steel Logistics Flow

Procurement logistics

Ocean transportation

Loading and unloading of main materials

Import of main and subsidiary steel materials

Ocean transportation and inhouse loading and unloading / transportation

Production logistics

Ferro alloy/scrap

Alloy iron / Electrode bar

Main materials

Subsidiary materials

Factory warehouse

Transportation and storage within the factory

Sales logistics

Transportation to Steel Logistics Center → Storage in Steel Logistics Center → Delivery to customers

Shipment, Domestic transportation Trucking / Coastal shipping → Delivery to customers

Shipment, Export transportation Bulk / Container → Delivery to customers

Domestic transportation and storage, ocean transportation

Shipment / Ocean export transportation / Domestic Trucking

Steel Logistics

Steel Logistics
Hot/cold-rolled coil
Rebar / section steel / special steel
Thick plate / steel pipe
Lightweight product, etc.
Bituminous coal
Ferro alloy
Electrode bar, etc.
Scrap iron
Waste cast steel
Scrap, etc.

Equipment Export and Import

General machinery equipment
Factory automation equipment
Processing equipment
General machinery
Heavy equipment machinery, etc.
Heavyweight equipment
Press equipment
Generating equipment
Other plant equipment, etc.
Rolling stock
High-speed train
Subway train
Tram, etc.
Automotive parts
Constant velocity joint
Railway bogie, etc.

EPC Projects

Construction logistics
Petrochemical plant
Oil refinery
Desalination plant
Oil gas plant, etc.
Construction of temporary camps
Temporary housing and office buildings
Warehouses and restaurants
Other subsidiary facilities, etc.
Procurement of raw materials and equipment
Riprap and earthy materials
Construction equipment, etc.

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