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General Logistics Overview

We provide 3PL total logistics services, including transportation, storage, loading, unloading, and packaging,
to our customers across a variety of industries, including energy, steel, industrial materials, food, and retail.


Main Services

  • Fast and safe delivery of goods to customers at their desired time and place.
  • Design and operation of logistics systems through efficient transportation and cutting-edge IT systems.
  • Streamlining logistics by providing optimized transportation and delivery routes and cutting-edge transportation modes.
  • Operation of dedicated vehicles for 3PL services including cold chain logistics, shopping store delivery and E-commerce delivery.
  • Green logistics service based on electric vehicles.

Storage and Logistics Center Operation

Main Services

  • Delivery of products just in time through product storage and classification and inventory management.
  • Provision of the optimal storage environment that suits various storage requirements, including product-specific temperature control.
  • Automated real-time inventory management service based on IT systems.
  • Utilization of our nation-wide 3PL network.
  • Support for efficient operation of logistics centers based on our industry-specific knowhow.

Loading and Unloading

Main Services

  • All field work required for cargo movement.
  • Loading/unloading management and urgent shipment service at domestic and overseas logistics terminals.
  • Service quality control through cargo handling safety training and liability insurance.

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