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Special Logistics Overview

We provide a competitive logistics service in the special logistics industry,
including defense strategic materials, hazardous materials, office/facility relocation, tanker truck/BCT.

Defense Strategic Materials

Main Services

  • Items: Training vessels and tactical vehicles, such as military trucks and tanks, etc.
  • Support for private vessels in relation to naval trainings.
  • Multimodal transportation service covering domestic trucking and ocean transportation using our own vessels (Car carriers, bulk carriers) as well as local logistics in importing countries.

Global Logistics for Defense Industry

Main Services

  • Items: Combat fighters, AEW&C aircraft, and military helicopters.
  • Procurement logistics of aircraft parts based on our own operating organizations and network.

Relocation and Hazardous Material Transportation

Main Services

  • Items: Hazardous materials, such as oil and ammunition.
  • Inbound/outbound multimodal transportation using vessels dedicated to hazardous materials.
  • Possession and operation of vehicles registered to the military for security, such as cargo trucks and tanker trucks.
  • Relocation of corporate offices and production facilities.
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