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Business Areas


KD Business Overview

We engage in KD (Knock Down: a method where a collection of parts rather than finished products is exported to importing countries
where they are assembled into finished products for sale on the local market), in supplying automotive parts manufactured
by our domestic and foreign partners to automotive final assembly plants abroad.

KD Distribution

Main Services

  • Total distribution service ranging from ordering and packaging to quality tests, customs clearance and transportation, and to local inventory control and JIT delivery.
  • Helping customers improve productivity and cost competitiveness through our differentiated knowhow of logistics, quality control, and trade support.

KD packaging

Main Services

  • Automotive parts packaging service optimized for final assembly line plants abroad.

KD Supply Flow

Parts production (partners)

Parts procurement

Parts packaging and containerization


Inland transportation → Ocean transportation

Parts storage at overseas C/C and JIT delivery ※ C/C: Consolidation Center


JIT delivery

Final assembly / production (car factory)

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