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Overseas Shipment for Finished Vehicle Overview

Using PCTC (pure car and truck carrier: carriers for complete vehicles), we are transporting various completed vehicles including heavy machines for construction, buses and electric locomotives. With emphasis on 3PL (third-party logistics) customer base, we are continuously developing new courses and improving existing routes in order to cover the entire world to maximize our customer satisfaction.

Finished Vehicle shipping

Major services

  • Operate about 60 PCC (Pure Car Carrier) and PCTC (Pure Car and Truck Carrier).
  • Service quality management using global systems and global networks

Service route and ship status

  • Hyundai Glovis has over 60 vessels of various sizes to optimize the operation of all service routes.
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Finished Vehicle Shipping Flow







What is PCTC (Pure Car & Truck Carrier) ?
Means a vessel that only carries complete car, that best represents a RoRo(Roll-on/Roll-off) vessel which vans and devans the freight by its own power. Even wheel-less static frieght can be shipped the moving machine, Mafi. Loading space of the vessel consists of different layers of decks and inner ramp that connects separate decks. Some decks are equipped with liftable deck which adjusts the the height of the deck to make the vanning process easier. The difference between PCTC and PCC is the equipment of liftable deck, and so PCTC is capable of shipping heavy freights by adjusting the deck height. Recently, PCTC that can load passenger cars and trucks. The majority of vessels Hyundai Glovis owns is also PCTC.
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