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Bulk Cargo Transportation Overview

We respond proactively to customers' needs by providing optimal logistics services for ocean transportation of iron ore,
coal, crude oil, ferrous materials and more through our rich knowhow and various networks.

Dry Bulk

  • Ocean transportation services for iron ore, coal, grain, ferrous materials and more based on our knowhow of operating various types of dry bulk carriers, including Cape, Panamax, Supramax and Handy.

Service Features and Benefits

  • Provision of differentiated transportation services to fulfill the goal of customers' satisfaction.
  • Provision of optimal logistics solutions based on our rich experience and internal collaboration.
  • Price competitiveness through various networks and information.

Wet bulk

Provision of ocean transportation services for wet bulk cargoes, such as crude oil, petroleum products and chemical products as well as eco-friendly energy sources, such as LNG.

Main Services

  • Reliable ocean transportation service based on long-term contracts with domestic and foreign oil companies.
  • Eco-friendly and safe transportation service with advanced high efficiency vessels and differentiated vessel management.

What is bulk cargo?

Unpackaged cargo shipped in large quantity.

What is dry bulk cargo?

Cargo that is loaded on a vessel in a particle or powder state, such as iron ore, coal and grain.

What is wet bulk cargo?

Cargo that is loaded in a tank within the vessel in a liquid state, such as petroleum.

Bulk Cargo Transportation Flow


Transport to the loading port

Gathering of cargo


Ocean transportation


Transport to the yard

Storage/stocking in the yard

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