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  • Dec.Won trophy for posting 1 billion USD in exports
  • Nov.Replaced used car auction house brand to "Auto Auction"
  • Sep.Completed Ulsan C/C, the second factory
  • Jul.Signed MOU for Yang San Auction House
  • Apr.Established GAPS Philadelphia
  • Mar.Established Hyundai Glovis Tianjin


  • Nov.Korea Logistics Presidential Award
  • Sep.Established Hyundai Glovis Canada
  • Jul.Established GAPS Georgia


  • Dec.ISO 27001 (Information Security Management System) Certification
  • Dec.Won Trophy for posting 900 million USD in exports
  • Sep.Completed Sihwa Automobile Auction House
    Established Global Auto Processing Services, LLC
  • Aug.Established Hyundai Glovis Russia
  • Jul.Established GAPS Alabama
  • Jun.Achieved international credit rating (S&P, Moody’s), first for Korean logistics company
  • Apr.Won Korea RFID Presidential Award


  • Dec.Earned ISO Eco-friendly Business System Certification
  • Nov.Won trophy for posting 800 million USD in exports
    Logistics company certification
  • Oct.Earned Republic of Korea e-business award from Ministry of Industry
  • Aug.Established Hyundai Glovis Georgia
  • Jun.Established Hyundai Glovis Turkey
    Established Hyundai Glovis Czech


  • Nov.Grand Prize for SCM in Korea
  • Mar.Global Auto Processing Services, Inc. as a subsidiary
    Grand Prize for Korea Logistics
  • Feb.Established Hyundai Glovis Europe
    Established Hyundai Glovis India
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