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Status of Shareholders

Status of Shareholders

Individuals - 27.6%, Foreigners - 47.5%, Institutions - 15.3%, Other Corporations - 9.6%, As of Dec, 31, 2022

Status of Issued Shares

발행 주식의 종류와 수 테이블
Type of stock Number of issued shares Face value per share (KRW) Capital stock (KRW)
Registered Common Stock 37,500,000 500 18,750,000,000
Changes in Capital
자본금 변동상황 테이블
Date of stock issue Type of issue Class Number (share) Face value per share (KRW) Issue price per share (KRW) Capital after changes (KRW 1MN)
2005.12.26 Paid-in capital increase Common stock 7,500,000 500 21,300 18,750
2005.10.31 Stock split Common stock 27,000,000 500 500 15,000
2004.03.17 Stock dividend Common stock 2,000,000 5,000 5,000 15,000
General Affairs on Shares
주식사무 테이블
Preemptive rights on the
Articles of Incorporation

Article 9 Preemptive Rights

① The Company's shareholders shall have the preemptive right to subscribe for new shares in proportion to their respective shareholding ratios.
② Notwithstanding the provision of Paragraph (1), the Company may allocate new shares to persons other than the existing shareholders in the following cases:

1. Where new shares are issued by initial public offering or where underwriters are made to underwrite new shares in accordance with the Securities and Exchange Act ("SEA") within the limit of 20/100 of the total issued and outstanding shares as of after the initial public offering;
2. Where the Company issues new shares preferentially to the members of the Employee Stock Ownership Association, in accordance with Article 191-7 of the SEA;
3. Where new shares are issued by general public offering pursuant to approval of the board of directors in accordance with the SEA within the limit of 10/100 of the total issued and outstanding shares as of after the general public offering; and
4. Where new shares represented by depositary receipt ("DR") are issued in accordance with the SEA, within the limit of 10/100 of the total issued and outstanding shares as of after the DR issuance.

③ For the allocation of new shares to someone who is not an existing shareholder in accordance with Paragraph (2) above, the Company shall notify and announce the matters stated in Article 416-1, 416-2, and Clause 2 of 416-2, 416-3, 461-4 of the Commercial Code to the existing shareholders 2 weeks in advance.
④ In the event new shares are issued in accordance with Paragraph (2) above, the type, number and price of the shares will be determined through the resolution of the board of directors.
⑤ If any shares are not subscribed for by a shareholder or if fractional shares result from the allocation of new shares, the shares which have not been subscribed for or allocated shall be disposed of in accordance with a resolution of the Board of Directors.
Closing date Dec. 31st Annual general
shareholders’ meeting
Within three months of the end of each fiscal year
Closing period of
shareholders’ list
Type of share certificate -
Stock transfer agent KEB Hana Bank, Department of Securities
Shareholders’ privilege N/A Announcements ① Corporate website

② The Korea Economic Daily
(When it can not be announced on the corporate website due to the computer malfunction or other unavoidable reasons)

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