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your value chain partner - maximizing efficiencies of the customer's value chain

your value chain partner - maximizing efficiencies of the customer's value chain

Dear GLOVIS Customers,
As a global supply chain management company providing complete value chain enhancement services, Hyundai GLOVIS delivers high-quality supports with distinguished competitiveness in logistics and distribution industry.

Hyundai GLOVIS has expanded its business from global top-tier automotive logistics provider to logistics support provider for steel products, machineries, heavy industries, chemicals, energy, construction, and consumer goods. The company provides overseas logistics support for global automotive brands, and also supports bulk logistics services for coal, iron ore, and crude oil. Through KD business, the company actively supports optimization of semi-assembled automotive components distribution as part of global automobile manufacturing operation. Hyundai GLOVIS also provides other businesses supports such as Used Car business helping to advance domestic used car distribution market, and also trading business reinforcing distribution business and future growth providing business.

Since its establishment in 2001, Hyundai GLOVIS have continued to make meaningful growth. To further expand on as the global integrated logistics and distributions support provider, the company shall focus to enhance worldwide non-affiliated growth. For sustainable growth, the company shall strive to secure new future growth drivers and reinforce corporate social responsibility.

Hyundai GLOVIS will continue to challenge and renovate for the creation of enhanced customer value. Employees of Hyundai GLOVIS are fully committed to doing their best to achieve customer’s success. Please continue to look forward to the growth of Hyundai GLOVIS, developing alongside with our customers.

Thank you.

CEO Jung-Hoon Kim

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