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GLOBAL SMART SCM PROVIDER - Dear our valuable customers.

GLOBAL SMART SCM PROVIDER - Dear our valuable customers.

Welcome to our website.
Hyundai GLOVIS delivers high-quality supports with distinguished competitiveness in industry.

As a global total logistics and distribution company that streamlines its customers’ value chain, Hyundai GLOVIS ensures that customers receive the best-in-quality services based on our competitive edge.

Starting with our world best automotive logistics business, we’ve been expanding our logistics business to an ever wider range of industries, including steel, machinery, heavy industry, chemistry, energy, construction and consumer goods. We engage not only in the shipping of automobiles from global carmakers, such as GM, Ford, and Volkswagen, as well as Hyundai and Kia, we also provide bulk cargo carrier shipping of commodities, such as coal, iron ore, and crude oil. Our KD business actively supports the operation of global automotive production systems by optimizing the distribution of automotive KD parts. We’ve also led the modernization of our domestic used car market with our used car business, while striving to reinforce our distribution business and creating the next growth engine based on our trading business.

Furthermore, we study and discover future business opportunities, engage in various hydrogen/EV projects, and offer custom solutions based on our smart logistics technology.

Since the company’s founding in 2001, Hyundai GLOVIS has gone on to achieve substantial growth every year. But we won’t be satisfied with that alone. By intensively developing business with global non-affiliates, we aim to take a leap forward as a global total logistics and distribution company. For sustained growth, we will actively secure new growth drivers while reinforcing our socially responsible management.

We will continue to challenge ourselves and innovate to create value for our customers. For your success, every one of us at Hyundai GLOVIS will put in our utmost, concerted efforts. We will live up to your expectation as a company and grow together with you, our customers.

Thank you.

Jung-hoon Kim, CEO

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