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In this section, you will find the most frequently asked questions.
If you need more detailed answers,
please click on the link below to move to a separate page for each category.

  • QI wonder how long it will take to receive my new car.
    A I wonder how long it will take to receive my new car.
    Congratulations on buying your new car! We hope that you make many happy memories with your new car.
    You can find more details on our website: Customer Inquiry -> New Car Delivery Tracking.
    ▶ Hyundai GLOVIS New Car Delivery Tracking Service: https://www.glovis.net/Kor/delivery/contentsid/426/index.do

    Please note that our new car delivery tracking system can track your new car only after it is delivered from the car maker’s factory to our center.
    We are sorry that we cannot tell you about your new car until it is delivered to us.
    For more accurate information, please contact your local branch or dealer where you signed your contract.
    ▶ Hyundai Motor Company Customer Center: +82-80-600-6000 (Passenger cars), +82-80-200-6000 (Commercial cars)
    ▶ Kia Motor Company Customer Center: +82-80-200-2000 or SMS consulting #0802
  • QI would like to know the pricing and schedule for the sea transportation of vehicles.
  • QA used car dealer sells used cars, saying they are Hyundai GLOVIS vehicles. Can I trust him and buy one?
  • QHow and when can I contact the Hyundai GLOVIS Customer Center?
  • QI would like to know where Hyundai GLOVIS sites are located.
  • QHow can I book a visit to a Hyundai GLOVIS office?
  • QWhere can I find your IR information?
  • QWe are a customer/supplier currently using the Hyundai GLOVIS system. We would like to inquire about a system error.
  • QWhere can I find your recruiting announcements and how can I apply for a job there?
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