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Legal Notice

Thank you for visiting the Hyundai Glovis Ethics Management Website.
We would like to inform you on some details of legal limitations and prohibitions.

Through Ethics Management Hyundai Glovis will eliminate unreasonable management factors and customs to strengthen its competency. We will also put in efforts to become a more reliable company to all shareholders and take social responsibility through ethics management. This website provides you with the related services. However, please keep in mind that when you gather information regarding ethics management services on the website, you do not have the intellectual rights to the information.

The services and information of this website are based on the Hyundai Glovis’s actual data.
The copyright and publication right for all data in the Hyundai Glovis Ethics Management website belongs to Hyundai Glovis, and the rights are protected by copyright law. Therefore you shall not copy the data to papers or electronic documents for publishing purposes, nor save the data on to files. You shall not reproduce, falsify, copy, transfer, distribute, publish, exhibit and sell the data without permission, and the data cannot be used for information services through IP, CP, internet.

You shall not establish a database for internal trainings of your company or institute. However, it is permitted to use the data for non-profit training or citation, as long as you inform the readers that the data originates from the Hyundai Glovis Ethics Management website. If you wish to use the data from Hyundai Glovis website in any way, please contact our webmaster via e-mail.

Hyundai Glovis is a total logistics company that provides the best quality logistics service in Korea. Hyundai Glovis name cannot be used on a logo, and if the name has been used without written confirmation, the concerned person has the legal liability. And Hyundai Glovis is not liable for any problems that may be caused by using the company name illegally.
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