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Legal Notice

Thank you for visiting the Hyundai GLOVIS website.
We would like to inform you that there are some legal limitations and prohibitions with respect to your access and use of this site.

Hyundai GLOVIS is a total logistics company that offers both a “custom logistics service” that suits the business environment and needs of each customer and a “total logistics service” designed to maximize the efficiency of corporate business with our global logistics network connecting many parts of the world and our advanced logistics system suitable for e-Biz and supply chain management systems. And on this website, you can use various services related to this. However, it should be noted that you are not given intellectual property rights when you get information by using those services on this site.

Services and data on this site are provided based on company facts. The copyrights and publication rights of all articles posted on this site are the property of Hyundai GLOVIS Co., Ltd., and protected by the Copyright Act. Accordingly, you may not copy or save as an electronic file any article of Hyundai GLOVIS to publish as a paper or electronic document. You are prohibited from reproducing, modifying, copying, transferring, distributing, publishing, exhibiting or selling them without our permission, and may not use them for information services using IP, CP and the Internet.

It is also prohibited for a business or agency to build and use a database using the information for internal education purposes. You may, however, use the information for not-for-profit education or citation purposes, in which case you must still cite and reference the source (Hyundai GLOVIS Co., Ltd.). If you want to use any of our articles in any way other than permitted, please send an email to our Webmaster.

Hyundai GLOVIS is a total logistics company that provides top-notch logistics services in Korea. You may not use our company name “Hyundai GLOVIS” in any ordinary trademark, and unless otherwise permitted in writing, using our company name may lead to legal responsibility. Also, please be noted that Hyundai GLOVIS does not take any responsibility for any issue resulting from illegal use of our company name.
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