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Ethical Management

Corporate ethics

We will lead the future of
Hyundai Glovis through fair
and transparent corporate management.

Hyundai Glovis is making utmost efforts to establish various regulations and systems to practice corporate ethics. Furthermore, based on efficient action plans, we are trying to make corporate ethics a way of life, and also practice ethics management.

The Company not only recognizes economical and legal responsibilities, but also thinks of ethical responsibility as our basic obligation. Moreover, we try to comply with ethics regulations and develop business activities that strengthens corporate competency and adds economic value.

We percieve ethics management spirit as the root of corporate competency and try our best to become a trust worthy company.

We provide ethics regulations for employee’s work performance in relationships among employees, customers, partners and competitors.

By clarifying work procedure details and contents regarding employee ethics practice, we contribute to improving employee's level of moral recognition and to the company's development.

Under the principle of coexistence and coprosperity, our transactions are fair and transparent in equal status, without unjustice practices nor influences in any kind of form.
We try to eliminate the following behaviors; unjust behavior using school network, solicitation, abuse of position, unjust bribery request, receiving valuables, unnecessary meals or entertainment, providing funds to vacations or business trips, unnecessary informing of family events, and any other behaviors that destroys sound company culture are against the ethics regulations. We wish to maintain transparent relationships and ask our partners to support us on our way.

With our ethics management practice and cooperation of our partner’s, the company was able to develop company ethics and form a frame for it to take root as our corporate culture.

We will consistently work hard to be a transparent and more reliable company.

We will establish ethics management through ethics regulation by preventing unethical behavior and developing a whistleblowing culture.

Unethical behaviors can be reported to the cyber audit office in the Ethics Management Webpage, and we will take every possible measures.

We ask for your proactive interest and participation to establish a transparent and proper reporting culture.

CEOJung-Hoon Kim

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