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Ethical Management

Corporate Ethics

We will lead the future of Hyundai GLOVIS
through fair and transparent corporate management.

Hyundai GLOVIS makes the utmost effort to develop and have various programs and systems in place to practice corporate ethics. We strive to internalize efficient strategy-based corporate ethics and put ethical management into practice.
We think our basic obligations include not only taking economic and legal responsibilities but also fulfilling our ethical responsibilities. Placing compliance with ethical management as our principle of conduct, we engage in business activities that can improve our corporate competitiveness and create new added value.
We recognize this commitment to ethical management as a source of corporate competitiveness, and strive to become a company trusted by the public.
We’ve set a code of conduct that should be followed in interactions between our employees, and with our customers, suppliers and competitors.
This code clarifies specific procedures and details relating to ethical practices at work, thereby contributing to the improvement of ethics of our directors/officers and employees and the development of our company.
Based on ethics, we do not exercise any type of unfair act or influence using superior status and we endeavor to keep transactions fair under the principle of coexistence and co-prosperity. We also try to eradicate all practices that violate our ethical rules, such as unfair practices based on school or regional ties, solicitations, misuse or abuse of authority, giving and accepting bribes, giving and accepting entertainment or hospitality, including food and beverages, provision of convenience, such as support for business trip/leave, and indiscriminately inviting to family events. We also ask our suppliers to do their part as well in keeping our relationship transparent.
Our commitment to ethical management and cooperation from our suppliers enabled us to pave the way for a corporate culture that places ethical management as a top priority in such a short period of time.
And we will continue to make all-out efforts to become a trusted company.
We will create a more robust ethical management culture by making it a rule to report any unethical acts.
If you find any unethical act around you, report it to the Cyber Audit Office on our website, and we will take corrective action in a timely manner.
We look forward to your support and participation so that we can establish more transparent and proper ethical management.

CEO Lee Kyoo Bok

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