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  • 11Included the "WORLD" index in "2023 DJSI" evaluation for 3 consecutive years
  • 10Published “Hyundai Glovis Net Zero Special Report”
    Won the Rugby National Sports Festival
    Opened Smart Logistics R&D Center “G-Lab”
    Acquired Korea Institute of Corporate Governance and Sustainability (KCGS) ESG evaluation A+
  • 07Partnership With Global Non-Profit Organization 'Ocean Cleanup'
  • 06Acquisition of ‘Althiol’, a company specializing in logistics automation solutions
  • 05International Standard Certification for Lithium Battery Air Transport
  • 01Opened Auto Bell Incheon Center


  • 10Acquisition of Used Car Auction House “GEAA” in the United States
  • 09International certification for the development of the world's largest liquefied carbon dioxide carrier
    Signed the largest ever maritime transportation contract for finished cars
    Agreement on the Establishment of a Smart Logistics Center in Incheon Airport Logistics Complex
  • 07Opened Jeju Logistics Center
  • 05Establishment of a Thai corporation
  • 04Long Term Contract With Woodside For LNG Transport up to 15-Year
  • 03Construction of a customized fire response system for electric vehicle maritime transportation
  • 01Launched online Used Car Integration Platform 'Auto Bell'


  • Dec.Signed a contract with the German BLG Group and secured a dedicated shipment space in Bremerhaven Port.
  • Dec.Signed an automotive shipping contract with a global carmaker, worth KRW 500 billion.
  • Dec.Won the Grand Prize for both Green and Safety Management at the Global Standard Management Awards for three years in a row.
  • Nov.Incorporated into the DJSI World Index for the first time among Korean logistics companies.
  • Oct.Launched eco-friendly brand “ECOH.”
  • Sep.Signed an up to 10-year contract with Trafigura for the global shipping of ammonia and LPG from 2024.
  • Jun.Built an EV-specialized shipping solution for the first time among global shippers.
  • Mar.Signed an agreement with China’s largest logistics company Changjiu for investing in shares in Adampol S.A. and launched Euro China Train (ECT), a China-Europe train transport brand.
  • Feb.Acquired a patent for a transport facility for end-of-life EV batteries for the first time among Korean logistics companies.
  • Jan.Share of automotive shipping sales from non-affiliates reached the highest ever level with 55%.
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