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About Glovis

Corporate History


  • Dec.Signed a contract to establish a joint venture with the German BLG Group, Securing exclusive shipping space in Bremerhaven Port
  • Dec.Signed a 500 billion won marine transportation contract with a global automaker
  • Dec.Won “Green, Safety management awards”
  • Nov.Incorporated into Dow Jones Sustainability Indices World for the first time as a domestic logistics company
  • Oct.Launched eco-friendly brand “ECOH”
  • Sep.Signed a long-term contract with Trapigura for up to 10 years and global transportation Ammonia/LPG from 2024
  • Jun.Establishing the first EV-specialized marine transportation solution among global shipping companies
  • Mar.Signed a joint investment agreement with Changjiu and launch a new railroad transport brand ECT (EURO CHINA TRAIN)
  • Feb.Obtains a Patent for a Transport Facility for Used Electric Vehicle Batteries for the First Time in Korea
  • Jan.Sales Share of Non-affiliated Companies in CBU Marine Transport reached 55%, the Highest-Ever Level
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