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“ Your Tailored Solution Provider ”

We will help our customers achieve successful logistics operation
by providing a smart logistics solution service to bring innovation to logistics centers
based on the logistics knowhow we’ve built up as a Global Smart SCM Provider.

Introduction to smart logistics solution business

With Hyundai Glovis smart logistics solutions,
customers can experience
an upgrade in their logistics competitiveness.

World-class robot technology, automation center operation experience, and mobility technology capabilities are reflected
in all stages of the business execution process, stabilizing quality and improving productivity.

HYUNDAI GLOVIS logistics consulting → concept design → concept design → Building and running the system → System stabilization → system upgrade →

The Outstanding
Robot Technology

Possesses global capabilities
in logistics robot technology

The Outstanding
Warehouse Operation

Possesses the ability to operate
an automated logistics center
equipped with the latest technology

The Outstanding
Mobility Innovation

Establishment of hyper-connected
SCM ecosystem where mobility and
facilities are connected

Smart logistics solution supply scope

Hyundai Glovis Smart Logistics Solutions provides
logistics automation solutions based on IT systems.

· Procedure: Store/Inspection → Store → Picking → Classification → Transfer/Release · Main facilities: Store/Inspection - ① Unloading System ② De-palletizer ③ Lifting system ④ Telescopic Conveyor ⑤ IPS(Image Process System) ⑥ Stretch Robot → Store - ① Stacker Crane ② Miniloader ③ Shuttle ④ Cubic AS/RS ⑤ Gantry AS/RS → Picking - ① DAS ② DPS ③ MPS ④ QPS ⑤ GTP → Classification - ① Cross belt sorter ② Tilt tray sorter ③ Wheel sorter ④ Slide shoe sorter ⑤ Robot sorter → IT solution - ① AGV/AMR ② EMS/OHT ③ RGV ④ Conveyor ⑤ Spiral Conveyor · IT solution: WCS (*WCS: Warehouse Control System)

Smart logistics solution portfolio

Hyundai Glovis provides
customized smart logistics solutions that meet customer needs.

(1) Fullfillment Center: A solution that flexibly responds to highly volatile consumer needs and can be expanded in the future - Cubic Storage System, QPS, DAS/DPS, MPS, A-Frame Picking, Tilt Tray Sorter, Piece Assorting Sorter, Wheel Sorter, Robot Sorter, GTP Solution, Miniloader/Shuttle ASRS, AMR/AGV System, Lifter (2) Distribution Center: A solution that flexibly responds to highly volatile consumer needs and can be expanded in the future - Stretch Robot, Gantry Robot Arm, Stacker Crane, Miniloader, Shuttle, Cubic Storage System, Wheel Sorter, Cross Belt Sorter, Tilt Tray Sorter, Conveyor, Rail Guided Vehicle, AMR/AGV, Lifter (3) Automation Warehouse System: A solution that can respond to production fluctuations and is efficient in transportation and storage. - Stacker Crane(50mH), Miniloader, Shuttle, Building Rack System, Unit Rack System, Mobile Rack, Conveyor, Rail Guided Vehicle, AMR/AGV, Lifter, [De]Palletizer, Weight Checker, Auto BCR (4) Factory Automation System: A solution that maximizes productivity by organically connecting material receipt and manufacturing processes - Stacker Crane[고/상/저온], Miniloader, Shuttle, Electrical Mobile System, Over Head Transportation, Rail Guided Vehicle, Conveyor, Speed Roll-up Door, AMR/AGV, Lifter, [De]Palletizer, Weight Checker, Auto BCR

Solution business models

We offer solutions optimized for our customers’ needs using our two models of a smart logistics solution business.

Case 1. Solution supply only - Provides a solution service covering automation equipment and systems for building smart logistics centers. (We bill the project cost after the completion of the center.) [Investment settlement process] - Smart logistics solution (Logistics consulting , Logistics engineering, Build and stabilize center, Logistics IT solutions) | Case 2. Solution supply and logistics operation - Provides a solution service for a smart logistics center, and then center operation service. (We invest in the center building and bill it later by including it in the logistics operation service bills.) [Investment settlement process] - Smart logistics solution (Logistics consulting , Logistics engineering, Build and stabilize center, Logistics IT solutions) + Logistics center operation service (Break even)

Strategic partners and their equipment

With a strategic partnership business model with global equipment manufacturers,
we offer you proven solutions while operating systems to ensure the reliable supply of solutions.

Strategic partners and their equipment table
Foundation 1900
Location Buchs AG (Switzerland)
Equipment AS/RS, Shuttle, AGV, etc.
Customers LAZADA, Coca Cola, IKEA, Pepsi, etc.
(track record of over 2,000 projects)
Revenue 966.6 billion won (Global No.14 as of 2021)
Remarks 12,000 employees in 25 countries, plants in 10 countries
Obtained exclusive distributorship in Korea (Apr 2022): (1) [Powerstore] (2) [Cyclonecarrier] | (3) [Vectura] (4) [Tomardo] (5) [Autostore] (6) [Quickmove]
Foundation 2015
Location Beijing (China)
Equipment AMR, Pallet Shuttle, PopPick, etc.
Customers Tmall (Alibaba), Nike, Disney, Walmart, DHL, etc.
Remarks - Over 900 patents, track record of over 300 projects
- Global AMR market share No.1 (10%)
(1) [AMR] (2) [GTP System] (3) [PopPick] (4) [RoboShuttle] (5) [OTP System] (6) [Sorting Robot]
Foundation 2016
Location Shenzhen (China)
Equipment HAIPICK, ACR (Autonomous Case-handling Robot System)
Customers Hong Kong SF-DHL, DHL, Philips, etc.
Remarks - Over 1,000 patents, track record of over 500 projects
- ACR market share No.1
(1) [HIPICK A42D] Double-deep (2) [HIPICK A42N] Carton-picking (3) [HIPICK A42T] Telescope Lift (4) [HIPICK A42SLAM] Laser SLAM (5) [HIPICK A42-FW] Flex-width (6) [HIPICK A3] Fork-lifting
Foundation 1996
Location Norway
Equipment AutoStore, ASRS
Customers More than 1250 Sites
Remarks - Simple, space-intensive storage system
- Unrivaled technology
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