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Hydrogen Business Overview

We are expanding our distribution business and discovering additional business opportunities
to establish SCM (Supply Chain Management) practices throughout the hydrogen energy ecosystem.

Hydrogen Industry Value Chain: Production - Hydrogen production/import (Business Details · Hydrogen production and refining - Byproduct hydrogen, clean hydrogen, liquid hydrogen, etc. · Overseas procurement of hydrogen/ammonia - Ocean transportation, export/import terminals etc.) → Distribution/Supply - Hydrogen shipment/storage (Business Details · Establishment/operation of hydrogen shipment centers - Supply management: Logistics management, including point of use monitoring, delivery scheduling, etc. - Operation of centers: Order management, T/T management, shipment scheduling, etc.), Hydrogen distribution/transportation (Business Details · Hydrogen distribution - For mobility (passenger/CV), For power generation · Development and operation of hydrogen supply chain optimization platform. · CO₂ ocean transportation/landfill and utilization as a resource. · Company Performance Area) → Consumption - Consumption/use (Business Details· Hydrogen fueling stations (passenger/CV), Fuel cell power plants, UAM trams, Other industrial applications)
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