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Smart Logistics Overview

Promoting smart logistics business by securing smart logistics technology and building a transportation platform.
※ Smart Logistics technology: Electrification / unmanned mobility, robotics, automation equipment, etc.

Roadmap: Establishment/Operate of Logistics Center - Establish smart logistics centers and commercialize smart solutions → Middle Mile Transportation - Transform into a platform-based transportation business, Respond to the era of autonomous driving and eco-friendly transportation → Last Mile Delivery - Establish a delivery system using electrification and unmanned technology | Establish Innovative Models for Logistics: - Urban delivery system + Future technology applications + Unmanned technology and electrification / [Metropolitan City F/C → Regional T/C → Last mile / Last one mile delivery → Consumer] or [Metropolitan City F/C → Urban FC → Last mile / Last one mile delivery → Consumer] (* [Urban F/C → Last mile / Last one mile delivery → Consumer] Delivery Options (same day / early morning / next day delivery, etc.) / Logistics center operation/Mid-to-long distance transportation (middle mile): Automated storage/sorting, Platoon autonomous driving, Digital transportation - Delivery to customer (last mile / last one mile): Autonomous PBV, Unmanned delivery robot
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