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In / Outbound Logistics Overview

We provide one-stop logistics services such as export, import, packing and storage of products based on worldwide network and information system.

Export logistics

Conducts packaging, storage, customs clearance and transportation of products based on the world-wide network, cutting-edge information system and differentiated logistics process

Major services

  • Using own logistics system(GOALS), we provide swift and accurate information(location of freight, storage information and expected date of arrival).
  • Provide same quality service anywhere throughout the world based on global network.
  • Promote the customer's export competitiveness with the best fares and freight routes based on huge business scale.
  • Provide customized services via various domestic and international multimodal transport services.


Import Logistics Process

*Export Logistics - Reverse Order of Import Logistics

Step 1

Local transportation

Step 2

Export clearance and shipment

Step 3


Step 4

Import customs clearance and transportation

Step 5

domestic inland transportation


Local inland transportation

Local port, CFS

Marine transportation

Domestic port, CFS


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