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Auto Biz (Used car business) Overview

Hyundai GLOVIS is improving the transparency and reliability of the used car market.

Online Used Car Platform, Autobell

Main Services

Used Car Selling Service

  • Operation of Autobell, a used car purchase brand.
  • A one-stop car selling service including free expert evaluation, instant payment and nominal transfer.

Used Car Buying Service

  • Selling only reliable, quality-checked cars at our Live Studio.
  • Online payment and home delivery service to get the vehicle delivered to your door.

Used Car Pricing Service

  • Giving you an accurate price for your car based on big data we’ve built up from operating the largest car auction in Korea.
  • Providing convenient and practical price information regarding buying or selling your car through a platform.

Used Car Auctions

Main Services

  • Operation of the largest used car auction market in Korea (Bundang, Sihwa, Yangsan).
  • Transparent and reasonable car selling through competitive bidding among more than 2,330 used car trading members.
  • Operation of Autobell Smart Auction, the nation’s first cloud-based contactless used car auction system.

Advantages of Smart Auction

  • Hyundai GLOVIS Smart Auction is a used car auction brand that pursues reliability and transparency. The open competition system with more than 2,330 members allows you to sell your car for a higher price. Smart Auction even covers post-trading work, such as nominal transfers, for your convenience.

Price Competitiveness

You can sell your car for a higher price thanks to open competitive bidding among the more than 2,330 members.


You can trade cars safely as Hyundai GLOVIS Smart Auction, a member of Hyundai Motor Group, directly manages the entire distribution process.


Transparency and fairness is guaranteed as you can view the progress and results of trading online in real time.


From car evaluation to selling on your behalf and also to nominal transfer, experience our convenient one-stop service.

Used car Export Business

Main Services

High-quality vehicle

  • Exports of superior quality used cars to four regions (Middle East, Latin America, Africa, and CIS)
  • Hyundai Glovis Certification Service completed 101 item inspection by maintenance experts
  • Providing compensation services if they differ from the quality information provided by Hyundai Glovis

Customized Services

  • Provide country-specific export consultations by local used car market experts
    (English, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, etc.)
  • Providing regular shipping services using global logistics network

Used car platform specializing in exports (autobel global)

  • Provides one-stop total service linking vehicle inquiry, purchase, and logistics
  • Convenient vehicle purchase support through a professional call center

Export public sale operation

  • Selecting suitable vehicles for export by major regions, and export sales are being operated to domestic/foreign company members.

Global Used Car Business Strengths

Quality Reliability

Through 101 item inspections by maintenance experts, vehicle quality and information are transparently disclosed.


It provides convenience to customers through one-stop services such as vehicle inquiry, purchase, and logistics.


We provide customized export counseling services for each country through used car export experts and call centers.

Logistics competitiveness

We are building stable logistics services by utilizing Hyundai Glovis global logistics network.

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