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SHE Management Policy

Environmental management

Hyundai Glovis deeply recognizes our social responsibility,
And in order to meet the safety & health & environment needs of
all workers and stakeholders, we practice as follows.

  • We seek to improve the health and quality of life of employees by making the safety & health & environment the top priority for management.

  • Preemptively respond to safety & health & environment risks by complying with internal standards that are stricter than laws and conventions.

  • We create a safe and healthy work environment by eliminating potential safety and health hazards.

  • In order to provide eco-friendly logistics services, we actively promote environmental pollution prevention and improvement activities.

  • Establish a safety & health & environment corporate culture in which workers recognize risk factors in advance and participate by themselves.

Safety & Health & Environment Goal & Direction

SHE management top priority - Improving worker health and quality of life, Compliance with strict internal standards Preemptive response to SHE risks, Eliminate potential risk factors for safety and health Create a safe and healthy work environment, Provide eco-friendly logistics service Prevention Improvement of environmental pollution, Recognition of risk factors in advance by workers Establishment of voluntary SHE corporate culture

Safety & Health & Environment Cooperation with safety partners

Due to the nature of business structure, Hyundai Glovis accompany with various partners.

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