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Ethical Management

Cyber Audit Office

Cyber audit office is Hyundai Glovis’ on-line channel to practice ethical management by establishing a transparent and fair corporate culture.

The Cyber audit office is a space for customers, employees, subcontractors to report misconduct of Hyundai Glovis’ employees, and to make suggestions for correcting improper practices and policies in an ethical perspective.

The reports will be investigated and the identity of any whistleblower and the contents of the disclosure will be kept strictly confidential under the whistleblower protection program to ensure an environment in which the whistleblower can safely make a disclosure.

Reports can be registered in real name or anonymously, however, with real name, processing will be faster and you will be able to see the results faster too.

What is Whistleblower Protection Program?

The program to protect informants’ personal information and the details of the report.

* Personal information of the whistleblower cannot be disclosed to the public without whistleblower’s consent.


Personal information of the informant
cannot be disclosed to the public
without the informant’s consent.

Guarantee of Status

The employer or relevant department is
prohibited from imposing any
disadvantages or discrimination against
the whistleblower because of supplied
information, statements and submission
of evidences.

Reduction or exemption of liabilities

Even though any mistake or negligence in
the information is discovered during the
investigation process, the liabilities of
the whistleblower for such faults or
negligence may be reduced or exempted.

Improper Practices to be Reported

Improper requests or
offering of money, gifts
or entertainment

Other acts in violation of
the Code of Conduct

Unfair transaction abusing
school or regional ties

Requests abusing
official authority

Behaviors threatening sound
corporate culture

Suggestions for improvements
of irrational practices

Contact Info

Phone : 02-6191-9300 ~ 3
Address : 83-21, Wangsimni-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

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