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Ethical Management

Cyber Audit Office

The Cyber Audit Office is our online point of contact for listening to your voice installed as part of our efforts to practice ethical management by creating a clean and fair organizational culture.

With the Cyber Audit Office, Hyundai GLOVIS’ stakeholders, including customers, directors, officers and employees and suppliers, can report any corrupt or irrational conduct of our directors, officers and employees or suggest ideas for improving bad practices or policies in terms of ethical management.

All reports filed will be investigated by the Cyber Audit Office for fact checking. We also run an Informant Protection Program designed to protect the identity and status of informants so that they can file reports without fear.

You can file a report both in your name and anonymously, but you will be able to see the results earlier if you file the report in your name.

What is the Informant Protection Program?

It is an informant protection program designed to guarantee the confidentiality of the identity and reported content of the informant.

* We never disclose the identity of the informant or any other information that implies it without his/her consent.


It is prohibited to disclose
the identity of the informant
or imply it without his/her consent.

Guarantee of status

Any disadvantage or discrimination
against the informant in business relations
or departments will be reported.


The informant may be immune from
disciplinary action or less punished when any negligence
or error of the informant is found in relation to his/her report.


Bribery, improper
request or offer

Other violations
against Code of Ethics

Unfair trading based on
school or regional ties

Solicitations by abuse
or misuse of authority

Actions that harm
sound corporate culture

Ideas for improving
irrational practices

Procedure for processing reports

Report (Informant) → Received (Audit Office) → Fact checking (Audit Office) → Processed (Audit Office) Report (Informant) → Received (Audit Office) → Fact checking (Audit Office) → Processed (Audit Office)

* The processing schedule may vary depending on the content of your report and fact checking process.
* It may be transferred to the relevant department and processed depending on the nature of the report.

How to report


Address : Business Consultation Group, Hyundai Glovis, 83-21, Wangsimni-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea, 04769

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