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Ethical Management

Ethics Policy

We, Hyundai GLOVIS Co., Ltd., respect free competition market order in the pursuit of fair and transparent management based on our ethical and moral values.
We are also committed to fulfilling our roles and responsibilities as a company trusted by our nation and society through corporate activities in compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements and the spirit of the law.
Accordingly, all directors, officers and employees of Hyundai GLOVIS Co., Ltd. (“We”) are determined to put into practice the following Charter of Ethics to make our company healthier and more trusted by the public by thoroughly practicing trust-based management, management by wandering around (MBWA), and transparent management and reinforcing corporate ethics.

First, we will contribute to our nation and society.

  • We will contribute to the development of our national economy by continuously creating jobs and faithfully paying taxes.
  • We will take the initiative in environmental protection by thoroughly complying with all laws and regulations relating to the environment and contribute to the society through cultural and welfare projects.

Second, we will improve the rights and interests of our customers and shareholders.

  • We will improve the rights and interests of our customers with optimal services.
  • We will preserve or increase the assets of our shareholders by maximizing our business efficiency and improving our financial structure.

Third we will respect people and develop human resources.

  • We will create a mature organizational culture based on mutual trust and understanding by respecting each member of our company as an independent human being, and strive to create a sound and mature corporate culture.
  • We will make efforts to promote ethics to our employees, and provide systematic support from long-term perspectives to develop them as an autonomous and creative human resource.

Fourth, we will establish partnership with our suppliers.

  • We will establish partnership with our suppliers for coexistence and co-prosperity so that we can grow together.
  • We will transact with our partners on an equal footing, and will not make any unfair request using any type of superior status.

Fifth, we will establish transparent management.

  • We will process all business based on transparent standards and maintain fair trading relationships with all stakeholders to guarantee mutual interests under transparent trade conditions, thereby establishing an honest corporate culture and earning trust from the public.
  • We will reject any solicitation from any stakeholder that can affect fairness in relation to our business and will not give or receive any unfair benefits.
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