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Ethical Management

Ethics Policy

We, that is, all directors, officers and employees working at Hyundai GLOVIS Co., Ltd., recognize deeply that ethics is a source of corporate competitiveness in this century, and promise that we will actively participate in efforts to realize the spirit of our Charter of Ethics so that Hyundai GLOVIS can become a company trusted by customers.
Accordingly, we resolve to comply with the following code of ethics.


Taking pride in contributing to advancing Korea’s logistics and distribution industry, we will always behave with dignity and reject any unethical act in our business.


We take the lead in creating a sound corporate culture of mutual trust and consideration by thoroughly complying with all legal and regulatory requirements as well as our internal policies when we perform our duties.


We will take the lead in environmental protection and social contribution in strict compliance with all environment-related laws and regulations.


We will not accept any type of monetary benefits that can affect fairness in relation to our business, and flatly reject any unfair business request or illegal solicitation.


We will protect customer information carefully, tell only the truth to customers, and never fail to keep our promises to customers.


We will protect the business secrets we learn in the course of our business, and avoid any act or relationship that leads to any conflict of interests between the company and the individual.


We will feel proud and rewarded by doing our best in our job, and endeavor to contribute to the development of our nation, society and company through constant self development.

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