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End-of-Life EV Battery Business Overview

We are discovering business opportunities in the end-of-life EV battery industry, which is expected to grow rapidly in the future.

End-of-Life EV Battery battery Value Chain: Secure sources of Used and EoL EV batteries · Battery servicing/warranty - Servicing centers / overseas dealerships · Vehicle Scrap Yards → Collect/Diagnose · Battery collection - Collect batteries from each source. · Diagnosis - Determine reuse/recycling by diagnosing batteries. → Transportation · Safe transportation - In compliance with local safety control regulations → Recycling / Reuse · Recycling - Extract and sell marketable metal from EoL batteries. - Used Battery ESS. · Reuse - Batteries for motor-driven devices. - Remanufactured as automotive batteries | Business Details: Battery collection/transportation - Secure sources of EOL batteries at domestic and abroad (Establish a battery collection process at domestic and abroad., Establish a safe battery transportation system. | Hyundai GLOVIS battery safety container), Reuse - Discover battery reuse business opportunities (Discover UBESS and other reuse opportunities | UBESS), Recycling - Establish a global recycling network (Establish partnership with domestic and overseas recycling companies., Secure a raw material circulation/distribution system for EV batteries. | Smashing batteries to extract black power)
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