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Future Innovation Tech Center (FITC) Overview

The FITC, our global top-notch R&D center, engages in analysis and research, offers consulting on optimization based on digital technology, and provides and commercializes custom solutions.

FITC(Future Innovation Tech Center) : Intelligence - Data-driven market analysis and big data analysis width AL technology., Smart Logistics Solution - Total solutions tailored to customer needs based on smart logistics technology., Optimization - SCM optimization consulting for customers and internal operation optimization., Automation - Internalizing smart logistics technology and securing integrated operating platform. FITC(Future Innovation Tech Center) : Intelligence - Market analysis based on vast amount of data by utilizing AI driven big data analytics, Smart Logistics Solution - Customized solutions based on digital technology, Optimization - Provides customized SCM consultion for client and optimization internal operation, Automation - Internalized smart logistics technology and established Integrated operation platform

Smart Logistics Solution

Delivering consulting / design engineering / build and operation solutions using smart logistics technology.

Tailored strategic collaboration projects.


Providing consultations on streamlining and optimizing logistics.

Establishment of strategies for implementing and expanding targeted/regional projects.

Automotive SCM optimization.

Enterprise-wide operating innovation.


Industry and market analysis.

Analysis and prediction of market conditions.

Big data / AI.


Development of automation solutions.

Automation design/engineering.

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