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Business Areas

Future Business Areas

As a TOP TIER technology research center
leading Smart Logistics,
we analyze customer needs
and provide comprehensive solutions
that combine automation technology and digital services.

미래혁신 R&D

Digital Transformation

· Leading logistics digital innovation
· Platform & technology-based new business development
· Optimization AL/ML development & decision automation

New business platform strategy, Optimized AL/ML development, Decision Automation


· Providing smart logistics center design/construction & operation solutions
· Robotics/Automation Technology R&D

Customized Automation Solutions - Plan, PoC, Design, Control, S/W, Simulation
미래혁신 R&D

Next Generation IT

· Logistics IT system construction/operation
· Securing visibility & providing end-to-end services

Storage unloading(WMS), Inland transport(TMS), Sea transport(ESPA), New business/platform (robot delivery, eco-friendly SCM, etc.), Autobiz (Autobell), KD(KD System)

Consulting & Process Innovation

· Global network optimization and operation innovation design/proposal
· Process/system standardization, optimization and digitalization

Consulting - Center operation/layout design > Base/network optimization > delivery optimization > Streamline operational processes > Optimization Engineering | PI - System PI, Optimize operational processes
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