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About Glovis

Corporate History


  • Nov.Global Standard Management Awards “Green Management Grand Prize”
  • Nov.Acquired ISO 13485, Medical Device Quality
    Management Systems Certification
  • Sep.Enlisted in Dow Jones Sustainability Index for 4 consecutive years
  • Aug.The first in Korea to operate TSR (Trans Siberia Railway) express frieght train
  • Jul.Packaging technology institute, was certified as an International
    Authorized Testing Institute
  • Jul.Launched an integrated logistics research institute
  • Jun.Started a Coexistence cooperation fund
  • Apr.Acquired ISO 37001, Anti-Bribery Management Systems Certification


  • Apr.Established Hyundai Glovis Chongqing


  • Nov.Won the grand prize in the Korean Ethical Management Award
  • Sep.Enlisted to the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices in Asia-Pacific / Korea (DJSI) for the 2nd consecutive year
  • Apr.Completed building of 2nd Asan KD center
    Won Grand Prize from Government for New Future Packaging Technology


  • Dec.Organized a rugby team
    Named Outstanding Company for Practicing Safe Operations (first among Korean companies)
    Won trophy for posting 5 billion USD in exports
  • Oct.Won Presidential Award for Mutual Development between Large Companies and SMEs
  • Sep.finalized an industry-academia agreement with the Korea Maritime and Ocean University (KMOU)
    Opened an R&D center for KD packaging tests
    Enlisted to the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices in Asia-Pacific / Korea (DJSI)
  • Jun.Issued first sustainability report
  • Apr.Concluded a business agreement for the tentative operation of a safe driving certification system with the Korea Road Traffic Authority
  • Feb.Took over Adampol S.A.


  • Nov.Started "Autobell," brand specializing in purchase of used cars
  • Sep.Established Livorno Office
  • Jul.Established Hamburg Office
  • Mar.Opened Jeonju KD center
  • Jan.Established Hyundai Glovis Mexico


  • Dec.Set up Foundation of Korea Logistics Industry Promotion (KLIP)
  • Sep.Trial shipping through New Seaway in Arctic Ocean (first among Korean shipping companies)
    GLOVIS held a naming ceremony of GLOVIS SPIRIT
  • Jul.Launching the first "Young GLOVIS" Reporters, honorary ambassador of university students
  • MayPact to support transportation of materials for disaster relief
  • Mar.Concluded MOU on industry and academic cooperation with Chung-Ang University


  • Dec.Won trophy for posting 3 billion USD in exports
  • Nov.Earned green logistics company certification
  • Sep.Established joint venture Beijing Zhongdu GLOVIS
  • Jul.Earned AEO certification in the export and import company category
    Participated in the Boeing’s PBL Project for F-15K
  • MayEarned AEO Certification in the shipping company category
  • Feb.Took over "GLOVIS Century“, No. 1 transporter of newly built automobiles Earned A Grade in Fair Trade Compliance


  • Dec.Won trophy for posting 2 billion USD in exports
    Renewed Integrated-Logistics Company Certification
  • Nov.Changed company name to Hyundai Glovis Co, Ltd.
    Established Hyundai Glovis Mongolia
    Opened Auto Auction mobile web
  • Oct.Established Vienna Office
  • Sep.Opened Hyundai Glovis Tianjin, the 2nd PDI
    Earned AEO certification in the marine cargo category
    Established Hyundai Glovis New Jersey
  • Jul.Won the grand prize for excellent labor and union culture
    Entered used-car parts business
  • Mar.Established used-car academy
  • Feb.Established Hyundai Glovis Brazil
  • Jan.Signed Daewoo Bus Transportation Contract
    Expand Automobile Shipping Business
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