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Classification Title
(Employment Status)
Name Appointment Date Tenure Duty Liability Insurance
Inside Director President Jung Hoon Kim 2023.01.26 3 years CEO, BoD Chairman O
Vice President Yeong Seon Kim 2021.03.24 3 years Head of Accounting & Finance O
Outside Director Director Chang Gyu Lim 2020.03.19 3 years Accounting & Finance Consulting O
Director Jaeuk Khil 2021.03.24 3 years Shareholder’s Rights Protection O
Director Yoon-Jin Yoon 2021.03.24 3 years Mobility Consulting O
Director Ho-Geun Lee 2021.03.24 3 years Business Administration Consulting O
Director Myeong Hyeon Cho 2021.03.24 3 years Corporate Governance Consulting O
Other Non-Standing Director Director Jan Eyvin Wang 2022.03.23 3 years Shipping / Int’l Logistics Consulting O
Director Eliot P.S. Merrill 2022.03.23 3 years Business Administration Consulting O

Shareholders’ Rights to Make Proposals

  • In accordance with Article 363-2 of the Commercial Act, the Company’s shareholders may make a proposal in writing or by an electronic document that certain matters be raised as agenda items for a general meeting of shareholders at least six weeks prior to the date set for the general meeting of shareholders (in cases of an ordinary general meeting of shareholders, the date of the year corresponding to the date of the ordinary general meeting of shareholders of the preceding year).
  • Shareholders’ proposals may be made only by a shareholder with a certain level of stake in accordance with the Commercial Act.
  • In the event where a shareholder’s proposal has been made, the Company shall report to the Board of Directors, which shall accept the proposal as an agenda item of a general meeting of shareholders, except where such proposal is in violation of statutes or the Company’s Articles of Incorporation, and in the following cases as prescribed by Article 12 of the Enforcement Decree of the Commercial Act.

    1. Where another proposal is presented again within three years from the date on which a proposal with the same content was rejected because it obtained merely less than 10/100 of the votes at a general meeting of shareholders.

    2. Where the proposal concerns a shareholder's personal grievance.

    3. Where the proposal concerns a matter that involves a right of minority shareholders obligated to hold shares in excess of a certain ratio to exercise shareholders' rights.

    4. Where the proposal concerns a matter that involves the removal of an incumbent director/officer.

    5. Where the proposal concerns a matter that the company is unable to materialize, is based on evidently false grounds, or defames a particular person.

  • The shareholder who made the proposal shall, on his/her request, be given an opportunity to explain the proposal at a general shareholders meeting.
  • Other matters shall be subject to the Commercial Act or other relevant statutes.
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